GATE is focused on design of embedded and communication systems

GATE Technologies Ltd

Founded 1996, private owned, subcontracting company

Specializing in implementing projects from the idea or specifications stage, through first prototypes, up to a production file or small series production


Work Experience

Wired and wireless communication systems

Extremely low phase noise synthesizers

Guided ammunition electronics​

Other Medical, Cosmetics, Military projects

Electro optical devices

Laser drivers

Embedded controllers

Previous developed projects for various customers

2 generations of hand held Terminals

Video Transmitter

Time delay, Electronic safe and Arm fuze

IMU for guided mortar

Hair regrow device

Hair removal device

Laser drivers

USB backup device

Safe and arm box for Iron dome project

RF Synthesizers

RF signal generator

Combined 5.56 and 40mm Ballistic Sight

E1/T1 and Ethernet card for GPON communication system

Company products

Telemetry transmitter for use

in barrel launch ammunition development

 Ultra low power Wireless sensor

network based n LORA wireless chip 

Extremely low phase noise

Up to 5.5 Joules 350 Volts


ISO 9001:2015​

Approved supplier to Ministry of defense


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